Monday, June 8, 2009

chapter 8

Clover opened her eyes to see the morning sun shinning directly at her. She swept the curtains shut and sat upright on her bed.

‘Strange, it’s as though the dreams stop coming,’ she thought to herself. However, it was an unsettling feeling in the stomach. The image of the dead rose in Bryan’s hands lingered in her mind. Swimming in the depths of an unknown ocean deep within her heart.

‘Hey! Open up!’ screamed Lily from the other side of the room door. Clover lied back down on her bed with her hands on her eyes.

‘For once why can’t she ever leave me alone?!’ muttered Clover under her breathe. She got up and walked towards the door to let the screaming Lily in.

‘Look! There’s a carnival at the theme park! Everything is half priced! Lets go!’ said Lily happily to the steam Clover wobbling to and fro.

‘Hey now Lily, it’s nothing personal, but why can’t you ever leave me alone in the mornings?’ asked Clover irritated at the commotion right after she just woke up.

‘Please lucky Clover. If you’re not there then who is gonna protect me?’ said Lily, this time with a cheeky smile.

‘Errr.. how bout that guy sleeping on the couch when as a matter of fact he has a freaking own home!’ said Clover with a building momentum as she finish her sentence. On the couch was a lump that was Bryan, snoring happily without a care in the world.

‘I think I’m coming down with a fever. You go with some other of your fans k?’ said Clover proceeding to closing her room door when Lily asked, ‘are you angry bout me and Bryan?’.

Clover stopped and all she could see was the left side of Lily’s face from the other side of the door.

‘It’s not like he’s my boyfriend and both of you are suitable from each other anyways so I don’t have any problems. Just go ahead with your relationship,’ said Clover after a pause.

Lily’s hand caught hold of the door to stop Clover from further closing the door. ‘If that’s true then follow me to the theme park,’ said Lily determined to get Clover out of the house. After a long pause, Lily said, ‘please?’.

‘I’ll take a shower. Dinner and lunch on you today,’ said Clover finally.

Lily smiled and took her hand off the door. Clover shut and locked the door with a small ‘clack’. Outside in the living room, Lily’s smile turned sour and she forced her gaze at the still snoring Bryan. She walked over and kicked his hips.

‘What is it?’ spluttered Bryan, shocked at the sudden wake up call.

‘Why are you still here?’
‘You know why Lily. Stop asking obvious questions’.
‘If that’s the case then can’t you do it some other place? There are still some other guys I want coming to this house and you being here is not really a good… well… sight’.

Bryan sat upright and looked hard at Lily. ‘Just what are you planning exactly?’ asked Bryan with a serious tone in his voice.

‘Nothing much my dear but maybe just a little game of spite,’ replied Lily happily, walking towards her room. Just before she shut the door, she blew a kiss and winked at Bryan.

‘Just what is she up to this time?’ thought Bryan to himself.

Clover faced herself in the mirror. Scars and cuts cover most parts of the body. She heaved a sigh and got dressed. The front door rang and she could hear footsteps walking towards the front door. There were two voices coming from the living room. Clover went out to find Adrian and Jimmy standing there. Both of them said hi and smiled widely at the wide eyed Clover. Bryan was no where to be seen.

‘Let’s go the theme park then,’ said Lily happily.

Clover grumbled under her breathe and followed silently behind them.

‘This wasn’t the plan,’ said Adrian to Jimmy. He looked behind at Clover and Lily to ensure they couldn’t be heard.

‘Yea true but Alex isn’t here so there isn’t anything to stop us from going all out right?’ replied Jimmy slightly smiling at Adrian.

‘Alright but I get Clover after half time,’ said Adrian quickly. Jimmy looked at the sky as though he didn’t hear anything and suddenly stopped in his tracks. He turned behind and smiled at Clover.

‘Excuse me,’ said Jimmy happily, shoving in between Clover and Lily.

‘I know this is sudden but it’s my birthday. I wanted to spend it with you but too bad Adrian remembered and he sort of tagged along like a cute little puppy. Lily is just a play toy I invited for him to keep him busy,’ said Jimmy a matter of factly to Clover.

Clover laughed and punched Jimmy’s upper right hand. She continued laughing while Jimmy was massaging the spot she hit.

‘It freaking hurt. Is she some kind of robot?’ murmured Jimmy under his breathe.

‘Why are we walking there anyways? Don’t you guys have drivers or even cars?’ asked Lily, pissed because she was wearing heels.

‘Cause it’s like only a 20 minutes walk and Jimmy insisted we walk there,’ answered Adrian simply.

Lily was then walking alongside Adrian. From time to time, they would sneak glances at Jimmy and Clover who were walking behind them. Though total opposites, they looked like a real couple. They were chatting and laughing as how old friends would after they have been through everything together years.

‘They are so totally flirting, aren’t they?’ said Lily, a little annoyed after hearing loud laughters from the back.

‘Now I understand why Jimmy wanted to walk there,’ said Adrian who was annoyed as well.

Finally they reached the theme park. It was crowed with children and parents. Once a while, some of their college mates could be spotted here and there playing and enjoying the games set up at the small stalls.

‘Erm shall we go have lunch?’ asked Clover to the rest. They all nodded in agreement and selected a burger stand. After the meal, they went from stall to stall trying out the games. Jimmy scored the highest at a dart throwing game and received a stuffed plush rabbit as the price. He turned and looked at Lily. She was taken aback and smiled at him. She extended her right hand to Jimmy just to face the back of him. He handed the plush to Clover. He gave Adrian a side smile, who then winked back at Jimmy.

Blushing, Clover quickly stuffed the plush rabbit into her jacket pocket, hoping to stop the awkwardness between the four of them.

'Erm shall we go to the washroom before sitting those?' asked Clover to the rest, pointing at the roller coaster. The three of them nodded in unison and headed to the washroom before proceeding to the heart thumping rides.

‘Why is there a carnival here anyways? Is today a public holiday?’ asked Clover to lily in the girls’ washroom.

‘It’s mothers’ day,’ answered Lily unwillingly, washing her hands at the basin.

‘Then why aren’t you home with your parents then?’ asked Clover again.

‘Why? You’re hoping it’s just you and Jimmy?’ asked Lily sarcastically.

‘What.. What are you talking about Lily?’ asked Clover taken aback.

‘Since when have you cared bout my family matters Clo-ver? You have your own family back home right? I don’t see go running back to your daddy’s arms,’ said Lily with every intention in her veins to hurt Clover.

Clover stared at Lily, her mouth hanging loose at her jaw. Lily stormed passed Clover and out of the washroom.

Clover slumped against the wall. Breath was getting harder and harder to take. She felt hot tears coming to her eyes. Images of that man flowed into her mind. The sound of the tearing of raw flesh and painful screams emitted all at once around her. She felt her body burn and twitched in pain as though she has just been stabbed.

‘Clover?’, a small voice came from the washroom entrance. She stood upright and quickly washed her face at the nearby basin. Wiping her face with the back of her hand and sleeve.

‘Here’, said the voice again, this time a handkerchief appeared in front of her.

She turned to her right and saw Adrian looking pale and worried at her.

‘Sorry,’ said Clover taking the handkerchief from Adrian. She wiped her face dry and handed it back to him. He chuckled mildly with a glint in his eye.

Clover smiled and said, ‘that glint reminds me of Alex.. cept his is kinda dark and mischevious’.

Adrian laughed and said, ‘sorry he couldn’t be here today. His father dragged him overseas for a business meeting’.

‘Is he that important to the company?’ asked Clover looking at herself in the mirror.

‘Yes he is. He is the next heir after all but I don’t think it’s that simple a case,’ replied Adrian, keeping his handkerchief back into his pocket.

‘How so?’ asked Clover again. She stood up straight and then leaned against the basin.

‘Well, he’s not your normal average person.. or human,’ chuckled Adrian.

One of the toilet stalls opened and the occupant screamed at the sight of Adrian. Clover and Adrian laughed and ran out from the girls’ washroom.

‘Hey where did Jimmy and Lily go?’ asked Clover, looking around.

‘Oh yea, they went ahead to the rides,’ said Adrian gesturing towards the section of the theme park where constant screams could be heard back to back.

‘Hmm.. Alright but I wanna go buy a present for Jimmy since it’s his birthday,’ said Clover, looking at the small stalls selling souvenirs on the left.

Adrian sniggered and replied, ‘okay sure’.

‘Are you getting him one too?’ asked Clover, smiling at Adrian.

‘Haha, I already got him one and I’m not telling you what it is,’ replied Adrian quickly as Clover opened her mouth as to say something. Clover smile happily and skipped forward.

‘You big dummy. It’s not even your birthday,’ thought Adrian with an image of Jimmy at the back of his head.

‘You don’t seem to be having a good with me as you were with Clover earlier,’ said Lily.

‘Oh you noticed,’ replied Jimmy lazily, looking around at the people passing by. Some could be found staring at Jimmy from head to toe.

‘You’re so good looking that I’m jealous,’ said Lily walking towards the tallest roller coaster in the theme park.

‘Once in a while you’d have to lose your attention to another much more good looking than you so just suck it up. The day will be over soon so just bear with it,’ said Jimmy obviously irritated.

Lily smiled weakly at Jimmy and said, ‘am I not good enough for you? Is she really that important to you?’.

Jimmy groaned and faced Lily. He stepped back as Lily was crying silently. Tears streaming down her face looked like small white diamonds against the sunlight. Though her cheeks and eyes were watery and red, she looked like a fragile princess.

Jimmy turned away and thought, ‘whoa?? Her electric shocks are greater than mine! Is this her greatest attack? I must not give in!’. He turned around slowly to see a teary puppy eyed Lily facing him.

‘The teary attack!’ thought Jimmy, each word slamming itself onto him harder than the one before. People around her stopped to stare. The girls looked like they were also going to cry and the boys were slowly gathering around her, hoping to comfort her with sweet words.

Slowly Jimmy was shoved away from the scene. Lily quickly pushed her way from the gathering crowd and held on to Jimmy’s sleeve before he could make a run for it. She rubbed her head on his chest which made all the girls cried, as though watching a happy ending in a soap opera, and the boy’s chests fell in lost hopes.

However, all Jimmy could think was ‘I must not give in.. I must not give in.. I must not give in..’.

On the other hand, Clover and Adrian was on a Ferris wheel. It was the feature of the theme park where the ride was 10 minutes long. Clover sat and move excitedly in the gondola.

‘You really like this huh?’ said Adrian observing Clover ever since they got in.

‘yes! I love Ferris wheels! They are the best!!’ replied Clover happily.

‘Hey I see some kind of commotion down there.. People are gathering there for some sort of reason but I can’t get a clear glimpse of it,’ said Clover excitedly pointing at the spot where Jimmy and Lily were but she couldn’t make them out.

Adrian laughed softly, staring at Clover. ‘Do you like him?’ asked Adrian suddenly.

‘Hmmm?’ replied Clover sitting herself opposite Adrian, looking outside through the window next to her.

‘Erm, Jimmy, do you like Jimmy?’ stuttered Adrian, staring hard at Clover. Clover turned to look at Adrian and then chuckled.

‘Wha…?’ said an irritated Adrian.

Clover stood up and walked towards Adrian.

‘Hey! It’s shaking! And you’re not supposed to do that!’ said an extremely worried Adrian, clutching on to anything from the seat to the window as long as he could be stuck to it. Clover sat right next to him and stared at him at approximately only 3 inches away from his face.

‘Kiss me’, said Clover simply. Adrian stopped struggling and stared back at Clover.

‘Why don’t you kiss me? You have been staring at me and Jimmy the whole time we were together earlier. After Jimmy went off with Lily, you were making so many moves on me till I couldn’t just ignore it as just normal gestures or how you usually treat your girl friends.. Cause you weren’t that way with Lily at all,’ said Clover.

‘Can’t you take it as I really just like you? More than a friend and definitely more than Lily,’ answered Adrian quickly, not over the fact that they were so close.

‘Then why don’t you prove it? All you have to do is kiss me,’ said Clover slyly, moving closer to Adrian. He leaned forward slightly and their lips touched. Immediately, he pulled back and turned away from Clover. He felt his face burn in embarrassment and looking at Clover wasn’t even an option at the time.

Clover giggled and sat herself opposite Adrian again.

‘That was weak,’ said Clover smiling slightly at Adrian.

‘I’m sorry. I’m not…,’ said Adrian slowly.

‘It’s ok. I wasn’t playing fair too.. You know with the whole forcing you and stuff,’ said Clover, looking over her shoulder at the view behind her. They were already at the top of the Ferris wheel and the sun was setting.

‘You know.. You didn’t have to force it. I would have liked you just as you are,’ continued Clover.

The soft rays of the setting sun painted her skin a radiant look. Her cheeks burned slightly pink and shadows on her face intensified her features. At that moment, she looked like a fiery temptress with her wild curly hair flying all over her face against the wind blowing in from the window. All he could do was just to stare at her.

‘One day.. One day I will give you a real kiss,’ he thought happily to himself.

‘Oi! We are here!’ shouted a helpless Jimmy. Lily was clinging onto him like an octopus high on drugs. She wasn’t glad to see Clover and Adrian at all.

‘Erm.. It’s late and it’s Sunday so I gotta go work. I get paid extra tonight cause some rich kid is throwing a party,’ said Clover.

‘Alrighty then I’ll handle everything from here,’ said Lily happily. Jimmy shook his head vigorously at Clover and Adrian. Adrian laughed and leaned towards Clover. He gave her a slight kiss on the cheek. Shocked, Clover returned the kiss and hugged Adrian.

‘Aww.. So sweet! We should do that too!!’ screamed Lily, leaping onto Jimmy who almost fell over.

Adrian showed a thumb up at the obviously annoyed Jimmy who then managed to pry Lily off him.

‘Oh yea, here’s your birthday present Jimmy!’ said Clover, taking out a small box from her pocket and handed it to Jimmy.

Before Lily could snatch it from her hands, Jimmy took it in a blink of an eye. Laughing loudly, Clover bid them farewell and left for work.

‘Hehe.. Looks like I won over the great legend whom we all know as Jimmy Timber,’ said Adrian mockingly.

‘It just got serious brother, you haven’t seen nothing yet,’ replied Jimmy, with a scornful tone. ‘

What are you guys talking about?’ asked Lily in an innocent tone to Jimmy.

‘Why can’t you just shut up!’ yelled Jimmy, finally at his last level of tolerance.

‘Bring it on,’ said Adrian softly, walking away, smiling to himself as the image of Clover in the Ferris wheel popped in his mind.

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