Monday, June 8, 2009

chapter 8

Clover opened her eyes to see the morning sun shinning directly at her. She swept the curtains shut and sat upright on her bed.

‘Strange, it’s as though the dreams stop coming,’ she thought to herself. However, it was an unsettling feeling in the stomach. The image of the dead rose in Bryan’s hands lingered in her mind. Swimming in the depths of an unknown ocean deep within her heart.

‘Hey! Open up!’ screamed Lily from the other side of the room door. Clover lied back down on her bed with her hands on her eyes.

‘For once why can’t she ever leave me alone?!’ muttered Clover under her breathe. She got up and walked towards the door to let the screaming Lily in.

‘Look! There’s a carnival at the theme park! Everything is half priced! Lets go!’ said Lily happily to the steam Clover wobbling to and fro.

‘Hey now Lily, it’s nothing personal, but why can’t you ever leave me alone in the mornings?’ asked Clover irritated at the commotion right after she just woke up.

‘Please lucky Clover. If you’re not there then who is gonna protect me?’ said Lily, this time with a cheeky smile.

‘Errr.. how bout that guy sleeping on the couch when as a matter of fact he has a freaking own home!’ said Clover with a building momentum as she finish her sentence. On the couch was a lump that was Bryan, snoring happily without a care in the world.

‘I think I’m coming down with a fever. You go with some other of your fans k?’ said Clover proceeding to closing her room door when Lily asked, ‘are you angry bout me and Bryan?’.

Clover stopped and all she could see was the left side of Lily’s face from the other side of the door.

‘It’s not like he’s my boyfriend and both of you are suitable from each other anyways so I don’t have any problems. Just go ahead with your relationship,’ said Clover after a pause.

Lily’s hand caught hold of the door to stop Clover from further closing the door. ‘If that’s true then follow me to the theme park,’ said Lily determined to get Clover out of the house. After a long pause, Lily said, ‘please?’.

‘I’ll take a shower. Dinner and lunch on you today,’ said Clover finally.

Lily smiled and took her hand off the door. Clover shut and locked the door with a small ‘clack’. Outside in the living room, Lily’s smile turned sour and she forced her gaze at the still snoring Bryan. She walked over and kicked his hips.

‘What is it?’ spluttered Bryan, shocked at the sudden wake up call.

‘Why are you still here?’
‘You know why Lily. Stop asking obvious questions’.
‘If that’s the case then can’t you do it some other place? There are still some other guys I want coming to this house and you being here is not really a good… well… sight’.

Bryan sat upright and looked hard at Lily. ‘Just what are you planning exactly?’ asked Bryan with a serious tone in his voice.

‘Nothing much my dear but maybe just a little game of spite,’ replied Lily happily, walking towards her room. Just before she shut the door, she blew a kiss and winked at Bryan.

‘Just what is she up to this time?’ thought Bryan to himself.

Clover faced herself in the mirror. Scars and cuts cover most parts of the body. She heaved a sigh and got dressed. The front door rang and she could hear footsteps walking towards the front door. There were two voices coming from the living room. Clover went out to find Adrian and Jimmy standing there. Both of them said hi and smiled widely at the wide eyed Clover. Bryan was no where to be seen.

‘Let’s go the theme park then,’ said Lily happily.

Clover grumbled under her breathe and followed silently behind them.

‘This wasn’t the plan,’ said Adrian to Jimmy. He looked behind at Clover and Lily to ensure they couldn’t be heard.

‘Yea true but Alex isn’t here so there isn’t anything to stop us from going all out right?’ replied Jimmy slightly smiling at Adrian.

‘Alright but I get Clover after half time,’ said Adrian quickly. Jimmy looked at the sky as though he didn’t hear anything and suddenly stopped in his tracks. He turned behind and smiled at Clover.

‘Excuse me,’ said Jimmy happily, shoving in between Clover and Lily.

‘I know this is sudden but it’s my birthday. I wanted to spend it with you but too bad Adrian remembered and he sort of tagged along like a cute little puppy. Lily is just a play toy I invited for him to keep him busy,’ said Jimmy a matter of factly to Clover.

Clover laughed and punched Jimmy’s upper right hand. She continued laughing while Jimmy was massaging the spot she hit.

‘It freaking hurt. Is she some kind of robot?’ murmured Jimmy under his breathe.

‘Why are we walking there anyways? Don’t you guys have drivers or even cars?’ asked Lily, pissed because she was wearing heels.

‘Cause it’s like only a 20 minutes walk and Jimmy insisted we walk there,’ answered Adrian simply.

Lily was then walking alongside Adrian. From time to time, they would sneak glances at Jimmy and Clover who were walking behind them. Though total opposites, they looked like a real couple. They were chatting and laughing as how old friends would after they have been through everything together years.

‘They are so totally flirting, aren’t they?’ said Lily, a little annoyed after hearing loud laughters from the back.

‘Now I understand why Jimmy wanted to walk there,’ said Adrian who was annoyed as well.

Finally they reached the theme park. It was crowed with children and parents. Once a while, some of their college mates could be spotted here and there playing and enjoying the games set up at the small stalls.

‘Erm shall we go have lunch?’ asked Clover to the rest. They all nodded in agreement and selected a burger stand. After the meal, they went from stall to stall trying out the games. Jimmy scored the highest at a dart throwing game and received a stuffed plush rabbit as the price. He turned and looked at Lily. She was taken aback and smiled at him. She extended her right hand to Jimmy just to face the back of him. He handed the plush to Clover. He gave Adrian a side smile, who then winked back at Jimmy.

Blushing, Clover quickly stuffed the plush rabbit into her jacket pocket, hoping to stop the awkwardness between the four of them.

'Erm shall we go to the washroom before sitting those?' asked Clover to the rest, pointing at the roller coaster. The three of them nodded in unison and headed to the washroom before proceeding to the heart thumping rides.

‘Why is there a carnival here anyways? Is today a public holiday?’ asked Clover to lily in the girls’ washroom.

‘It’s mothers’ day,’ answered Lily unwillingly, washing her hands at the basin.

‘Then why aren’t you home with your parents then?’ asked Clover again.

‘Why? You’re hoping it’s just you and Jimmy?’ asked Lily sarcastically.

‘What.. What are you talking about Lily?’ asked Clover taken aback.

‘Since when have you cared bout my family matters Clo-ver? You have your own family back home right? I don’t see go running back to your daddy’s arms,’ said Lily with every intention in her veins to hurt Clover.

Clover stared at Lily, her mouth hanging loose at her jaw. Lily stormed passed Clover and out of the washroom.

Clover slumped against the wall. Breath was getting harder and harder to take. She felt hot tears coming to her eyes. Images of that man flowed into her mind. The sound of the tearing of raw flesh and painful screams emitted all at once around her. She felt her body burn and twitched in pain as though she has just been stabbed.

‘Clover?’, a small voice came from the washroom entrance. She stood upright and quickly washed her face at the nearby basin. Wiping her face with the back of her hand and sleeve.

‘Here’, said the voice again, this time a handkerchief appeared in front of her.

She turned to her right and saw Adrian looking pale and worried at her.

‘Sorry,’ said Clover taking the handkerchief from Adrian. She wiped her face dry and handed it back to him. He chuckled mildly with a glint in his eye.

Clover smiled and said, ‘that glint reminds me of Alex.. cept his is kinda dark and mischevious’.

Adrian laughed and said, ‘sorry he couldn’t be here today. His father dragged him overseas for a business meeting’.

‘Is he that important to the company?’ asked Clover looking at herself in the mirror.

‘Yes he is. He is the next heir after all but I don’t think it’s that simple a case,’ replied Adrian, keeping his handkerchief back into his pocket.

‘How so?’ asked Clover again. She stood up straight and then leaned against the basin.

‘Well, he’s not your normal average person.. or human,’ chuckled Adrian.

One of the toilet stalls opened and the occupant screamed at the sight of Adrian. Clover and Adrian laughed and ran out from the girls’ washroom.

‘Hey where did Jimmy and Lily go?’ asked Clover, looking around.

‘Oh yea, they went ahead to the rides,’ said Adrian gesturing towards the section of the theme park where constant screams could be heard back to back.

‘Hmm.. Alright but I wanna go buy a present for Jimmy since it’s his birthday,’ said Clover, looking at the small stalls selling souvenirs on the left.

Adrian sniggered and replied, ‘okay sure’.

‘Are you getting him one too?’ asked Clover, smiling at Adrian.

‘Haha, I already got him one and I’m not telling you what it is,’ replied Adrian quickly as Clover opened her mouth as to say something. Clover smile happily and skipped forward.

‘You big dummy. It’s not even your birthday,’ thought Adrian with an image of Jimmy at the back of his head.

‘You don’t seem to be having a good with me as you were with Clover earlier,’ said Lily.

‘Oh you noticed,’ replied Jimmy lazily, looking around at the people passing by. Some could be found staring at Jimmy from head to toe.

‘You’re so good looking that I’m jealous,’ said Lily walking towards the tallest roller coaster in the theme park.

‘Once in a while you’d have to lose your attention to another much more good looking than you so just suck it up. The day will be over soon so just bear with it,’ said Jimmy obviously irritated.

Lily smiled weakly at Jimmy and said, ‘am I not good enough for you? Is she really that important to you?’.

Jimmy groaned and faced Lily. He stepped back as Lily was crying silently. Tears streaming down her face looked like small white diamonds against the sunlight. Though her cheeks and eyes were watery and red, she looked like a fragile princess.

Jimmy turned away and thought, ‘whoa?? Her electric shocks are greater than mine! Is this her greatest attack? I must not give in!’. He turned around slowly to see a teary puppy eyed Lily facing him.

‘The teary attack!’ thought Jimmy, each word slamming itself onto him harder than the one before. People around her stopped to stare. The girls looked like they were also going to cry and the boys were slowly gathering around her, hoping to comfort her with sweet words.

Slowly Jimmy was shoved away from the scene. Lily quickly pushed her way from the gathering crowd and held on to Jimmy’s sleeve before he could make a run for it. She rubbed her head on his chest which made all the girls cried, as though watching a happy ending in a soap opera, and the boy’s chests fell in lost hopes.

However, all Jimmy could think was ‘I must not give in.. I must not give in.. I must not give in..’.

On the other hand, Clover and Adrian was on a Ferris wheel. It was the feature of the theme park where the ride was 10 minutes long. Clover sat and move excitedly in the gondola.

‘You really like this huh?’ said Adrian observing Clover ever since they got in.

‘yes! I love Ferris wheels! They are the best!!’ replied Clover happily.

‘Hey I see some kind of commotion down there.. People are gathering there for some sort of reason but I can’t get a clear glimpse of it,’ said Clover excitedly pointing at the spot where Jimmy and Lily were but she couldn’t make them out.

Adrian laughed softly, staring at Clover. ‘Do you like him?’ asked Adrian suddenly.

‘Hmmm?’ replied Clover sitting herself opposite Adrian, looking outside through the window next to her.

‘Erm, Jimmy, do you like Jimmy?’ stuttered Adrian, staring hard at Clover. Clover turned to look at Adrian and then chuckled.

‘Wha…?’ said an irritated Adrian.

Clover stood up and walked towards Adrian.

‘Hey! It’s shaking! And you’re not supposed to do that!’ said an extremely worried Adrian, clutching on to anything from the seat to the window as long as he could be stuck to it. Clover sat right next to him and stared at him at approximately only 3 inches away from his face.

‘Kiss me’, said Clover simply. Adrian stopped struggling and stared back at Clover.

‘Why don’t you kiss me? You have been staring at me and Jimmy the whole time we were together earlier. After Jimmy went off with Lily, you were making so many moves on me till I couldn’t just ignore it as just normal gestures or how you usually treat your girl friends.. Cause you weren’t that way with Lily at all,’ said Clover.

‘Can’t you take it as I really just like you? More than a friend and definitely more than Lily,’ answered Adrian quickly, not over the fact that they were so close.

‘Then why don’t you prove it? All you have to do is kiss me,’ said Clover slyly, moving closer to Adrian. He leaned forward slightly and their lips touched. Immediately, he pulled back and turned away from Clover. He felt his face burn in embarrassment and looking at Clover wasn’t even an option at the time.

Clover giggled and sat herself opposite Adrian again.

‘That was weak,’ said Clover smiling slightly at Adrian.

‘I’m sorry. I’m not…,’ said Adrian slowly.

‘It’s ok. I wasn’t playing fair too.. You know with the whole forcing you and stuff,’ said Clover, looking over her shoulder at the view behind her. They were already at the top of the Ferris wheel and the sun was setting.

‘You know.. You didn’t have to force it. I would have liked you just as you are,’ continued Clover.

The soft rays of the setting sun painted her skin a radiant look. Her cheeks burned slightly pink and shadows on her face intensified her features. At that moment, she looked like a fiery temptress with her wild curly hair flying all over her face against the wind blowing in from the window. All he could do was just to stare at her.

‘One day.. One day I will give you a real kiss,’ he thought happily to himself.

‘Oi! We are here!’ shouted a helpless Jimmy. Lily was clinging onto him like an octopus high on drugs. She wasn’t glad to see Clover and Adrian at all.

‘Erm.. It’s late and it’s Sunday so I gotta go work. I get paid extra tonight cause some rich kid is throwing a party,’ said Clover.

‘Alrighty then I’ll handle everything from here,’ said Lily happily. Jimmy shook his head vigorously at Clover and Adrian. Adrian laughed and leaned towards Clover. He gave her a slight kiss on the cheek. Shocked, Clover returned the kiss and hugged Adrian.

‘Aww.. So sweet! We should do that too!!’ screamed Lily, leaping onto Jimmy who almost fell over.

Adrian showed a thumb up at the obviously annoyed Jimmy who then managed to pry Lily off him.

‘Oh yea, here’s your birthday present Jimmy!’ said Clover, taking out a small box from her pocket and handed it to Jimmy.

Before Lily could snatch it from her hands, Jimmy took it in a blink of an eye. Laughing loudly, Clover bid them farewell and left for work.

‘Hehe.. Looks like I won over the great legend whom we all know as Jimmy Timber,’ said Adrian mockingly.

‘It just got serious brother, you haven’t seen nothing yet,’ replied Jimmy, with a scornful tone. ‘

What are you guys talking about?’ asked Lily in an innocent tone to Jimmy.

‘Why can’t you just shut up!’ yelled Jimmy, finally at his last level of tolerance.

‘Bring it on,’ said Adrian softly, walking away, smiling to himself as the image of Clover in the Ferris wheel popped in his mind.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

chapter 7

Lily was standing by her bedroom window, looking out at the streets where Clover was running. She chuckled under her breath and turned to face Bryan. Her room was the typical girly girl room, which the walls were painted pink and hung sashes of past winnings. Bryan was on her bed with pink and white sheets, putting on his clothes and buckling his belt.

‘I just saw Clover running down the streets. As usual she was sprinting,’ said Lily, sitting herself beside Bryan.

‘Do you think she heard you? I mean you weren’t really quiet,’ asked Bryan, looking a bit uncomfortable.

‘What is that suppose to mean?’ snapped Lily, standing up suddenly.

‘Did I not pleasure you? Why are you always so concerned about that lame excuse for a goth chick?’ said Lily angrily.

Bryan turned away and got up to his feet. He looked at Lily for a moment then turned to walk away.

‘Wait. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry,’ plead Lily, after a while. ‘I just don’t understand how come she gets… so much attention all of a sudden… from you and.. from Alex,’ said Lily slowly.

‘Though we did it, but I could tell you were releasing stress and tension instead of enjoying it. Am I really not good enough?’ asked Lily in tears.

‘It’s not that,’ said Bryan, sitting down on Lily’s bed again.

‘I have hurt her so many times, so many times that I could last me a lifetime and it would take me more than a lifetime to pay back those sins,’ said Bryan again.

‘Why exactly are you here? Did someone send you here?’ asked Lily, this time a lot more serious. Bryan pursed his lips and nodded his head.

‘So you are here for Clover then,’ said Lily, disappointed.

‘Is she in trouble?’ asked Lily, laying on her bed.

‘It’s a lot more than that. She might lose more than what she lost this time,’ said Bryan after a pause. Lily kept silent and Bryan lay next to her.

‘My presence here should be short but I manage to procrastinate it longer than I should. In time I don’t think I can protect her anymore,’ said Bryan.

‘When that time comes, would you be there to help her?’ asked Lily. She doesn’t know what to think at that time. She was way beyond confused and angered that Bryan was still talking about Clover.

‘Even if I were to be there to help her, I would cease to be the same person she sees in her eyes,’ said Bryan.

‘Then there is no point talking and thinking about that girl anymore! Why are you so hooked up on her? Just finish your mission and only think of me from now on!’ screamed Lily.

‘I’m gonna go. It’s so obvious I’m nothing but a trophy to you but unfortunately I’m not gonna let you hang me on the wall like those,’ said Bryan, pointing to the sashes on the wall. He got to his feet and left the room.

‘Bryan!!!’ screamed Lily again, sitting up. The door shut with a bang. She heard the front door open and shut.

Downtown, Jimmy was walking with a blonde haired girl. She was holding on to his hand but he had his palm in his pocket. His handphone rang and he answered it at the third ring.

‘Hey it’s me. Meet me at Central Mochany Hotel in 15 mins. I have all you want,’ said the person on the other line. Jimmy off the call and turned to the girl.

‘Well, this is goodbye Kim. I wasted half a day entertaining you and now I have to go entertain someone else,’ said Jimmy bluntly, shaking off her hands. Kim stood at the spot stunted at what happened. Jimmy broke into a run and reached the hotel in few minutes.

‘You’re so cheap that you wouldn’t even call a taxi here?’ asked Adrian at the front door.

‘I was with the blondie we met at class earlier,’ replied Jimmy, catching his breath.

Adrian chuckled and asked ‘you dumped her already?’.

‘Of course, I have no interest with air heads like her. Plus she doesn’t pay me for dates! The more I’m wondering why I even went out with her in the first place,’ said Jimmy, annoyed all of a sudden. Adrian laughed loudly and held out his right hand.

‘So where are the tickets?’ asked Adrian. Jimmy searched his pockets and found it.

‘Here, two tickets for you,’ said Jimmy, handing two tickets to Adrian.

‘I see you bought another two. For you and Alex? I didn’t know you guys were ‘that’ close’ laughed Adrian.

‘Don’t talk nonsense! What makes you think I was gonna let you invite Clover all for yourself. We are competing remember?’ said Jimmy, looking at the hotel lobby.

‘But what about Alex? Won’t he be pissed we left him out?’ asked Adrian uncertainly.

‘I already called him but he said he had to attend a meeting overseas with his father,’ replied Jimmy, his eyes moving from one person to another in the hotel lobby.

‘Hmm, good. Here’s money for the tickets and there’s the woman you’re meeting tonight,’ said Adrian, gesturing towards a woman with a huge fur coat.

Jimmy pushed the money back to Adrian and said ‘I’ll be earning more than this tonight’. Adrian laughed then gave Jimmy a slight push.

‘Wish me good luck my pimp,’ said Jimmy, smiling widely.

‘Good luck my protégé. Play nice with her,’ replied Adrian, turning the other way.

Jimmy entered the lobby and heads turned to look at him immediately. He could hear whispers from nearby girls saying how hot and good looking he was. He smiled slightly to himself and entered the elevator. He faced one of the sides of the elevator that reflects like mirror. He checked his hair and straightened his clothes then faced to the front door. The elevator door opened with a small ‘ding’ and Jimmy existed to the hallway. He walked up to room 705 and knocked on the door 3 times followed by 2 slow knocks. The door opened to reveal the woman he and Adrian saw below. She pulled him in, closed the door, started to kiss him and unbuttoned his shirt.

‘Hold on. Payment first,’ said Jimmy, pulling himself away from the woman.

‘Is that how you respect your elders?’ asked the woman, slowly taking off her top. She had a very appealing body figure with a smooth elegant face to match. She didn’t look like she was 40 years old at all.

‘I’m sorry Mrs. Kent. Is your husband well?’ asked Jimmy politely, walking around the room.

‘He’s out of town as usual and I’m feeling really lonely,’ replied Mrs. Kent slyly, taking off her skirt. Jimmy scanned her from top to bottom and nod in agreement.

‘But if you want me to perform to my best, you have to motivate me first,’ said Jimmy, leaning against the table across the bed.

‘Its in one of the drawers of the table behind you,’ said Mrs. Kent, now taking off the tight bun on her head.

‘She’s one pretty interesting girl you have there. If I had to go through all those shit she went through, I would’ve already killed myself,’ said Mrs. Kent again, walking towards Jimmy, her long hair flowing down to her waist.

‘But this girl. Her information wasn’t easy to get at all but the harder I dig, the more dirt there was. Some people might get hurt is this gets out in the open. Are you sure this is worth finding out?’ asked Mrs. Kent, unbuckling Jimmy’s belt.

‘If I were to win her heart and if you want to experience the greatest pleasure then it’s all worth it. In the end we both get what we want right?’ replied Jimmy, standing still for her to caress his body all she wanted. ‘Stop talking already. I miss you,’ whispered Mrs. Kent into Jimmy’s ear. Jimmy smiled and threw her to the bed.

‘Was the package on time?’ asked an elderly woman, sitting on the couch, to Adrian.

‘Yup! On time as always. She’ll be one satisfied customer’, chuckled Adrian to his mother. The living room was empty as usual with a fire burning in front of the couch.

‘I wonder why you would help your friend sell himself like that. I mean why don’t you join him?’ asked Mrs. Timber.

‘Ah.. So you wouldn’t mind me selling myself to prostitution too huh?’ snapped Adrian, he sat himself on a chair next to his mother.

‘Sake, dear?’ asked Mrs. Timber, handing a small cup to Adrian.

‘Don’t think for a second that I’ll fall for that!’ snapped Adrian again. Mrs. Timber chuckled happily, tipsy as she stood up to sit on Adrian’s lap.

‘Why can’t you be like Jimmy? I mean you’re not as handsome but your build is still amazing,’ said Mrs. Timber, taking another sip from her cup.

Jimmy carried his mother up and dropped her back to her couch.

‘He has a reason to do this mom! And don’t even think of suggesting me to do this ever again! Even if it is just a joke!’ shouted Adrian.

‘I’m sorry baby boy. I’m drunk,’ said Mrs Timber, with an innocent voice. Adrian’s eyes narrowed and turned to walk away.

‘What I don’t understand is how could a boy like Jimmy ended up a prostitute willingly? It makes ones like me wonder,’ asked Mrs. Timber, laying her body straight on the couch.

‘Trust me. You don’t want to know,’ said Adrian under his breathe.

Adrian slammed his room door and lean against it. He let out a sighed with his eyes closed.

‘No one could ever understand what Jimmy went through. No one would accept him if they knew,’ thought Adrian to himself.

A small beep echoed from the other side of his room. Adrian walked towards the sound and found the source. It was a fax machine that his mother installed in the morning. Adrian pressed the receive button and it swallowed a blank piece of paper.

Written on that piece of paper were just the simple words of, ‘I have received full information. Meet me for drinks later. J’.

Adrian starred at it and sat himself down on his bed. He put his head on the cold pillow and closed his eyes, waiting for the call from Jimmy. As his mind wandered, a scream echoed through which shook the very core of his being. He sat up in cold sweat and wiped his eyes. Tears were overflowing and he was shaking. The door flew open and in came Jimmy.

‘Dude! You scared the hell out of me!’ exclaimed Adrian. ‘What happened man? I was just on my way up to call you went I heard you screaming like a lunatic!’ he continued.

Jimmy walked out and Adrian heard him saying, ‘it’s ok Mrs. Timber. There’s no need to come up or hold that knife anymore’.

Adrian chuckled as Jimmy walked in with two cups. He moved to the edge of his bed and let out a long sigh. ‘Was it about that night?’ asked Jimmy, filling both of the cups with Coke. He waited for a reply from Adrian but there wasn’t a sound. He turned to see Adrian, eyes swollen looking down at the floor as though he was possessed.

Jimmy walked towards Adrian and handed him a cup.

‘Was it about that night?’ asked Jimmy. Adrian kept still and silently, tears coming again to his eyes.

‘You know it wasn’t your fault it happened right?’ Jimmy asked again, looking at Adrian, hoping for a reply from him at least.

‘It was all my fault, I was the one who stabbed her. There was so much blood. What a bloody Christmas it was’, said Jimmy, taking a sip from his cup after that sentence. Adrian got up and walked around his room then paused in front of a mirror.

‘I know it wasn’t your fault Jimmy. In fact you suffered more than me that night. It’s just that…’ said Adrian slowly. ‘if only I was as handsome as you Jimmy,’ said Adrian again.

‘Then maybe she would have looked at me like the way she looked at you,’ Adrian said, this time shaking with a pain look on his face.

Adrian wiped his face with his back hand and turned to face Jimmy.

‘You know, you can get out of prostitution anytime you want right? How long has it been? Don’t you think she would want you to move on to a normal life?’ asked Adrian, sipping his drink.

‘Maybe but..’ replied Jimmy.

Adrian forced a smile and gave Jimmy a hard pat at the back.

‘I know, I know it’s not easy but try alright? For the time being, I’ll assign the usuals for you’, said Adrian, this time with an encouraging smile on his face.

‘So what did you dig up this time?’ asked Adrian.

Jimmy handed Adrian the envelope he received from Mrs. Kent and he opened it slowly. The contents were thick and everything was in its smallest detail. Adrian faced Jimmy unwillingly, shocked to the core as he saw pages and pages of it. Jimmy faced Adrian and asked simply, ‘so should we tell Alex? Don’t think he should know about this?’ ‘Yes but..’ replied Adrian hurrily.

‘He has every right to know too but for now let’s just keep this a secret between us,’ said Adrian at last. Jimmy nodded silently, arranging the papers in order and resealing them in the envelope.

‘Hey give that back! Alex stop it!’ screamed Clover, chasing after Alex who was waving her jacket to and fro.

‘It’s freezing! What if I get a cold?’ screamed Clover, this time squatting and clutching herself. Alex grinned and took out his own jacket. He walked towards Clover and put it over her.

‘Mine is like way better and thicker than yours anyways’, grinned Alex.

‘Baka!’ said Clover loudly, running past Alex. ‘What? Baka?’ said a shocked Alex.

‘Oi! I’m half Japanese! I know what it means alright!!’ shouted Alex after Clover.

They ran and laughed the night away, not knowing how dark tomorrow might be for the both of them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

chapter 6

The air was thick with haze. She held up her hands to cover her mouth and nose from breathing in the intoxicating fume. As she walked she felt herself falling closer and closer to the ground. There’s a shadow not far from her. Who was it? Bryan? She walked faster and faster towards the shadow. There he was again, standing in the middle of the long grass meadow, almost blending in with the environment that was slowly clouding in darkness. He turned around and smiled a sad smile. His hands held up to reveal a red bloody rose. As every second passed the rose started to rot and die in his hands.

Clover opened her eyes to the surrounding of her room. The window revealed it was already night time. She opened the window and lean against it. She thought to herself as the clouds move toward the bright silver moon, completely devouring it and set the sky into a hazy grey.

‘Didn’t I dream of this earlier? Why does he keep appearing in my dreams?’ thought Clover to herself.

Clover slept the whole day since she came back from the park. She felt her stomach grumble and walked to unlock then existed her room door. To her amazement, the living room was filled with furniture of a light brown color. She just stood there stunt with no recollection of anyone planning to buy furniture.

There was a wardrobe, a tall grandfather clock, a wooden coffee table, a small round table, an office table and a dining table which was the only one made of glass. Lily came out from the kitchen and smiled widely.

‘So who is it from?’ asked Lily, sipping coffee from her mug.

‘Beats me. Are you sure it’s not from your admirers?’ said Clover.

‘I thought it was but then again they wouldn’t send me a card addressing whether you liked it or not?’ Lily said unwillingly, handing the card to Clover. Clover took it and read it.

It said ‘Dear Clover, I hope you like it. From A.Z’

Clover let out a huge sigh and said ‘that rich idiot!’ under her breath.

‘It’s from Alex Zoru,’ said Clover after noticing Lily was staring at her.

‘Who?’ asked Lily.

‘You know the rich guy who hangs out with Adrian and Jimmy,’ replied Clover.

‘Oh, you mean the dark and mysterious one. He’s rich??’ asked Lily again, surprised.

‘Yea, he’s father is the CEO of Zoru shipping company if I’m not mistaken,’ said Clover, walking pass Lily into the kitchen.

‘so why is he interested in you? I mean you’re so plain and big, till it’s ridiculous!’ said Lily, in a matter of fact way.

Clover turned her back to Lily at that speech. Her lips twitched into a smile at the fact that Lily might actually be jealous.

‘I guess he likes me, since we kinda made out the other day,’ said Clover trying to not sound to happy.

‘whhaaattt??’ slurred Lily into her coffee. Clover chuckled silently.

‘I’m not telling you,’ said Clover cheekily.

Lily was about to say something when the door bell rang.

‘Ah, I’ll get it!’ said Clover again, happy to get a small revenge against Lily for being so friendly with Bryan. Clover opened the door and standing all tall and handsome was Bryan.

‘Yo lucky Clover. Uh.. Is Lily at…,’ asked Bryan slowly.

‘Hi Bryan dear. Sorry Clover. He’s here for me. You’re early!’ interrupted Lily, kissing Bryan on the cheek. Lily looked at Clover at the corner of her eye as she kissed Bryan and saw a painful look stretched her face.

Bryan walked in and said ‘whoa? So this is where they sent the furniture’.

‘You know something bout this?’ asked Lily, walking and sitting herself down on the couch.

‘Yea. I got a part time job at the furniture shop in town. Somewhere near the café where you work Clover,’ answered Bryan while looking at Clover.

Clover searched her memory for the furniture shop and recalled that it was called ‘Wooden and Original’.

‘That shop sells only the highest quality of wooden furniture and all their designs are custom made to the customer’s desires,’ added Bryan.

‘We had a big order today from some rich teenager which cost my pay for two whole years! I didn’t know it was for you though,’ said Bryan again looking at Lily this time.

Lily looked away angrily and Clover said quickly ‘it’s for me’.

Clover walked to the furniture and observed it closely. To her astonishment, the wood work was flawless to the very last carving. She let her hand run on the smooth surface of the wardrobe and felt a small groove. It was her name carved into it.

‘it has my name on it! That’s so cool!’ said Clover, excitedly.

‘Hey Bryan can you help me move it in my room? We can put the coffee table here in the living room and the grandfather clock against the wall and the…’ said Clover, all moodiness gone from her eyes.

After a few minutes of pushing and arranging, the living room looked much more complete with the grandfather clock ticking happily and the coffee and dining table gleaming against the light.

Lily just sat on the couch and observed instead of helping but Clover was too happy to noticed, which pissed Lily even more.

‘Hey Bryan darling! Come on into my room. Help me pick a bikini for our next trip to the beach,’ said Lily in a high voice, pulling Bryan’s right hand.

‘Oh yea! Hey Clover, we are going on a trip to the beach this weekend. Do you want to come?’ asked Bryan, trying to stand his ground from falling due to Lily dragging him.

‘Errr…’ said Clover, looking at Lily.

‘Sure!’ said Clover again, Lily’s face darkened and she yanked Bryan’s hand harder.

‘Okay! Bring your friends along if you want to,’ said Bryan happily, allowing Lily to lead him into her room.

Before Lily closed her room door, she said loudly ‘why did you asked her to bring friends? She doesn’t have any!,’. The door shut in a loud bang and Clover walked to the kitchen.

Her heart was swarmed with jealously and pain from Lily’s last words. She opened one of the kitchen cupboards and found that all she had left was cereal and biscuits.

‘Oh yea, it’s already night time,’ thought Clover. She felt hungry before, but she wasn’t hungry anymore. She left the kitchen and walked into her room. Her clothes were all scattered across the floor. She gave out a big sigh and bent down to select some clothes. She changed out of her big clothes into a casual and sporty look.

‘Hmm maybe I should put all my clothes into my new wardrobe,’ thought Clover.

‘Ah after I come back I’ll do that,’ said Clover under her breath. She just wanted to get out from the house, away from Lily and Bryan.

After putting on a jacket and a quick scan of herself in the mirror, she walked out to the living room.

Clover saw Bryan’s shoes at the doorway, which means that both he and Lily haven’t left yet.

‘I’ll just tell them I’m going out now,’ thought Clover. She walked towards Lily’s room, held up her right hand to knock but stopped before it touched the door. She thought she heard a small sound emitting from the room so she put the ear near the door and listened. It was a soft moaning sound and the occasional creaking from the bed. Clover pulled back her ear, shock and disbelief ran through her veins.

‘I must have heard it wrong,’ thought Clover. She put her ear at the door again, this time nearer. It was clearer than before. She could hear Lily’s moaning voice getting louder with pleasure and the creaking of the bed getting regular and faster.

Clover put her hands to her mouth and ran to the front door. She unlocked it as fast as she could and slammed the door after she went out. Instead of the elevator, she ran down the stairs and continued until she reached the main road. Her eyes burned and big pearly tears fell down to her face. Her chest squirmed, pulled and kicked, it was as though it was going to explode. She allowed her legs carry her to wherever it wanted to go.

Unconsciously, she came to the park again but she didn’t mind. All she wanted was to be alone and cry to her heart’s content.

‘You know, this isn’t a crying central for heartbreaks and pathetic excuses,’ said a shadow from the trees.

Clover whipped around to face the shadow and backed away step by step. The trees rustled and a shadow of a man emerged. Without another word, she turned and ran.

‘Oi! Wait!’ shouted the shadow. It reached out, grabbed the ends of her jacket and pulled her back. Clover hit the ground with a thud and held up her hands in defense.

‘I’m not gonna hurt you! When will you learn to trust me?’ said the shadow again, this time a little hurt.

Clover looked up and felt her mouth hang down.

‘Alex!!’ exclaimed Clover.

‘For a girl, you can really run,’ said Alex, smiling slightly.

‘I have to say I’m impressed,’ said Alex again, pulling Clover up to her feet.

‘Yea, I have a lot of practice in running when I was younger,’ replied Clover, walking towards the stone chair. She sat herself down and was slowly joined by Alex.

‘So what got you interested in running or should I say sprinting?’ asked Alex.

Clover chuckled then felt her eyes fell to the ground. It was something she didn’t want to remember. All those years, running was what kept her sane and alive till now, or was it running away?

‘I had reasons to keep running and running away from everything else,’ said Clover after a long pause.

‘A bad past? Mind telling me what happened?’ asked Alex, looking up to the night sky. It was already filled with clutter and clutter of stars.

Images and screams flashed in Clover mind, she kept quiet.

‘if you won’t tell me, I’ll find out anyways. I’m Alex Zoru remember?’ said Alex, looking at Clover.

Clover turned to look at Alex, his brown eyes reflected kindness and warmth unlike the cold expression he usually wears.

‘Why do you want to know so much?’ asked Clover.

‘Simply cause you have to let it out eventually or else it’ll eat you alive,’ replied Alex quickly. Clover let out a hearty laugh.

‘Hey! You shouldn’t laugh at people who are concerned with you! That’s rude!’ snapped Alex, his cheeks blushing.

‘That’s cause you being so concern with someone doesn’t fit your character at all!’ laughed Clover.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ snapped Alex again.

‘Look at yourself! You have dark features that don’t smile sincerely. If it’s not for your brown eyes, you would’ve looked like a devil’s son,’ said Clover brightly.

Alex kept silent, finally defeated.

Clover smiled and asked ‘so tell me, why do you really wanted know so much about my past?’.

Alex let out a big sigh and said ‘because you hold so much sorrow in your eyes, you look like you’re about to fall apart if you were to leave my sight even for a second, yet you still act tough everyday. I know I can’t do much but I do want to share your pain to ease your burden’.

Clover looked hard at Alex, shocked that he was capable of such words.

‘Hahaha.. I always say stupid things when I’m with you,’ said Alex quickly, facing the sky.

‘The last time you came to my house, you said you preferred a person like me who could ignite a flame in your heart,’ said Clover, her voice low and serious.

‘Yea I said that. And so?’ replied Alex.

‘Did you mean it or was it just some line you use on all the girls?’ asked Clover with the same tone, still looking hard at Alex.

‘No… I told you already! I say stupid things when I’m with you!’ said Alex loudly, his face turning red at every second.

Clover grinned to herself, she never expected to meet a boy who could say something like that so sincerely and still try to hold his dignity together.

‘Hey Alex, don’t look somewhere else when I’m talking to you. That’s the real definition of rudeness, you know!’ said Clover, smiling slightly pushing herself to get closer to his face.

He turned to face Clover, then backed away slightly, shocked that her face suddenly got so close. Clover put one finger in his collar and pulled him closer.

‘This is revenge for that day,’ whispered Clover. She closed her eyes and kissed him lightly on the lips. She pulled herself away to face a stunted, red faced Alex.

It was so hilarious that Clover laughed till her guts hurt so much that she had to hold on to it.

Irritated, Alex held Clover up and kissed her passionately. They kissed many times that night, everything else doesn’t matter anymore.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

chapter 5

‘Hey clover!! Stop running!’ yelled Alex, frantically chasing after Clover’s shadow.

Clover just ran to where there were openings for her legs to go. Tears clouded her eyes and she couldn’t see where she was going anymore. She stopped and wiped her face which was already drenched with tears. She walked forward slowly, continued wiping the tears with her sleeves. Her steps became softer and silent. She looked down and sighed a breath of relief. She was at a deserted park where the grass grew wild and tall. She spotted a stone chair and sat on it.

‘Why is it so hard to let him go? He left the moment my mother talked to him. Why couldn’t he have taken me too? We could’ve run away together,’ Clover said to herself with a breaking voice.

Alex ran as fast as he could after Clover.

‘Damn that girl is fast! Is that even possible?’ thought Alex to himself. Finally he came to a halt, not because he found her, the abandon park was his old playing place. He walked silently and halt as he heard a distant sniffle. He spread his legs as far as he could and stepped as gently as he could towards the sound.

After three steps he saw Clover on the stone chair crying and mumbling softly to herself. Surprisingly he caught every word and walked away the same way he walked in earlier.

‘So he’s the cause of her crying. I won’t allow her to cry for anyone else but me,’ Alex though angrily to himself. He broke into a run and ran back to the college.

‘Hey there you are! Where did you go? Did you find that leaf chick?’ asked Adrian.

‘What? No I didn’t.. Hey what leaf chick!!?’ said Alex trying to catch his breath, trying to hit Adrian for those last words.

‘Aww don’t get pissed now or else leaf chick won’t like you,’ laughed Jimmy. Alex was too tired to attack back. When he was about to say something the bell rang.

‘it must be the first time you couldn’t catch anyone little master,’ said Adrian sarcastically.

‘no no its young master my dear Adrian,’ added Jimmy.

‘If I weren’t so out of breath I would’ve killed you both by now,’ replied Alex with his usual dark eyes glinting dangerously.

‘Ooh! Ickle young master is getting angry..’ mocked Adrian.

‘What shall we do?’ asked Jimmy with an air of excitement.

‘I know lets run for it!’ laughed Adrian.

‘See ya!!’ said Jimmy, running together with Adrian to their next class.

‘Those morons. I’ll kill them later,’ said Alex under his breath.

In the classroom, the teacher had already started the class.

‘So what are you gonna do bout all this?’ asked Adrian unexpected.

‘It has already been done. I have people investigating her as we speak,’ replied Jimmy.

Adrian chuckled and said ‘so you do have use for all that money’.

‘It’s called networking and yea maybe extra cash here and there,’ said Jimmy, looking at the white board it was gradually filled with notes written by the lecturer.

‘So why are we doing this again?’ asked Jimmy.

‘What are you asking me for? You were the one thought that Clover was interesting’ Adrian asked back, a bit amused.

‘You like her, don’t you,’ asked Jimmy, smiling widely while tilting his head to the right to face Adrian.

‘I just think she is interesting, that’s all,’ said Adrian with a little force.

‘Now you’re getting defensive. I sense a love triangle starting between you guys,’ chuckled Jimmy.

‘As if you are not interested too! You’re the one who took the initiative to get more information about her,’ said Adrian, a little bit too loud. They both turned to the front and then to each other again after making sure the lecturer didn’t notice them.

‘Says the one who asked around for her name a few days ago,’ said Jimmy.

Adrian let out a sigh and asked ‘how much do you think Alex is serious about Clover?’. Jimmy let his head roll around his neck as it cracks and loosens.

‘Well?’ asked Adrian again.

Jimmy laughed and said ‘gosh you really are interested in her!!’.

‘Hey, I’m being serious’ said Adrian, leaning and setting his head on the table.

‘We already know each other for more than a year so you should know the answer to that by now’, replied Jimmy after a while.

‘Maybe the real reason you are asking me is because you are afraid of admitting the answer you already know as a fact,’ said Jimmy again.

‘She’s one of a kind, that girl’, said Adrian with a sad expression.

‘It’s so rare to find a girl who carries so much pain in her eyes and still go on like she never gone through any of it,’ said Adrian again.

‘How did you find out that Alex likes her anyways?’ asked Jimmy.

‘Maybe it’s cause he spent the whole morning asking us if we noticed where she stayed or how she goes to college or even if we had her hand phone number,’ answered Adrian, amused at his friend’s actions.

‘Yea. He’s always so reserved and secretive about everything but he totally lost his cool in his tone when he asked us those questions,’ said Jimmy, taking out his wallet and looked around the classroom.

The lecturer walked out of the classroom. ‘so who do you think will win the girl? Me or him?’ asked Adrian, looking at Jimmy with a serious glare.

Jimmy looked at Adrian and laughed loudly. The whole class turned to look at them. Adrian turned away quickly, he felt his cheeks burned. A girl walked up to Jimmy and sat on his table.

‘So what would it take for you to go out on a date with me?’ asked the girl. She had long blonde hair flowing to her waist that suits her clear blue eyes. She had a strawberry shaped face, tall nose and small red lips. If she were to stand next to Lily, she might be able to compare with her in beauty.

‘Simple. Today’s notes and an answer to a question. Why do you choose to approach me now?’ said Jimmy with a superior voice. Adrian looked at the girl then at Jimmy.

‘It’s because I heard you like that Lily girl. I'm confident that I can match her in every way,’ answered the girl with the same air of superiority.

Jimmy grinned and held out his hands. The girl hesitated and held out her hands to place on his.

Jimmy pulled back his hands immediately before the girl touched his and said ‘I was talking about the notes’.

‘Owh. Excuse me then’, answered the girl, walking away to another person’s desk. She smiled and flirted with the guy at the desk then came back with papers in her hands. She handed it to him then walked away gracefully, swaying her hips.

‘Ah she even wrote her name and phone number on it’, said Jimmy.

‘Whoa? Must be nice being you. Get me a copy of those too and another for Alex’, said Adrian heavily at those last words.

‘And here I thought I was gonna pay some nerd to give me his notes. By the way, regarding the question you asked me earlier,’ said Jimmy, keeping his wallet and then facing Adrian.

‘Don’t you see me as a treat to both of you too? You forget that I have more charm than the both of you put together,’ said Jimmy again, proudly. This time Adrian laughed loudly.

‘You are good looking, yes I admit it with much regret but Alex is extremely handsome to some girls who appreciate his dark features and complex personality. I do noticed that though girls are afraid to approach him, they still fall head over heels for him after they get to him’, said Adrian after he recovered.

‘What? Why don’t I know about this??’ asked Jimmy, astonishment written all over his handsome face.

‘That’s only because you are always busy with your ‘work’ and girls. You never spent time really getting to know me let alone Alex’, replied Adrian, a little light hearted.

‘It’s funny now that you think about it,’ said Adrian again.

‘Do I look like I’m laughing? I’m bloody pissed that that ‘thing’ could get so much attention!’ said Jimmy obviously irritated that he only realized that Alex is actually a major competition in his field of expertise(girls).

‘What I meant by funny is that girls rather choose to go out with him instead of me and that even though he’s scary they still want to go out with him! It’s funny don’t you think?’ said Adrian, his voice shaking a bit.

Jimmy looked at Adrian as he said that. He never saw Adrian looking so hurt before. The only expression he ever saw was the happy-go-lucky face that Adrian wears all the time. Now it only occurred to him that it might just be a mask.

‘What pisses me off the most is when the girls want to confess to Alex, they always go through me by love letters,’ continued Adrian.

‘Then even after I told them Alex’s answer, they would cry and sob as though Alex directly rejected them. But when I told one of them that I have feelings for her, she rejected me and even scolded me for telling her that because it was right after she just got rejected and was depressed. She mistook my intentions for wanting her to accept my feelings at her state of sadness and confusion’, said Adrian again.

‘Why would…,’ Adrian began.

‘Okay stop this! So Alex is a jerk. You want revenge, right?’ asked Jimmy sympathetically.

‘No, I don’t. You know I don’t. The only reason why you said that was just to comfort me,’ replied Adrian, the same sad expression on his face.

Adrian looked at Jimmy for a moment and said ‘or maybe you want to..’.

‘No I just wanted to comfort you alright! Don’t go thinking any more nonsense other than that!’ snapped Jimmy. Adrian chuckled lightly.

‘Then why do you still hang out with Alex?’ asked Jimmy after a pause.

‘It’s because though he gets so much attention, he never did once felt proud or happy about it. In fact he scolds me for even talking to the girls who approached me. He acts like he doesn’t care who he hurts but actually he blames himself for everything that he put them through,’ replied Adrian.

‘Seems like you know him pretty well. I didn’t know this side of his personality,’ said Jimmy, surprised at this new information.

‘Yea. He tries hard to hide it with his poker face but I have a feeling he’ll have to break his shell soon if he wants her as badly as I do,’ said Adrian, sitting up as the teacher walks into the classroom again.

Jimmy laughed softly at what Adrian said. ‘We shall see who wants the girl more in the end my friends’ thought Jimmy.

In the infirmary, Alex was sleeping on one of the beds. ‘Mr. Zoru, don’t you have classes now?’ asked a shy nurse.

‘Leave me alone!’ shouted Alex. The nurse jumped and ran out as fast as she could.

‘That girl out run me!! I won’t accept this! Wait till I get my hands on her and we’ll have a rematch!!’ Alex thought angrily. He took out his hand phone and starting searching for a number.

‘Hello? So do you have what I wanted? Ok please send to this address at four o’clock later’, said Alex to the person on the other line. He disconnected his phone and turned to his left.

‘I wonder if you’re still there?’ asked Alex under his breath.

‘Never mind, later she’ll get a surprise,’ thought Alex, smiling as he closed his eyes and continued his sleep.

chapter 4

‘Thanks for the hard work!’ said Mr. Chan happily to Clover. Clover turned to face him and smiled.

‘She seems happy today. I hope she’ll always be that way,’ said Mr. Chan to himself.

‘Gosh what a day! It’s already 1 a.m. and I still got class tomorrow’ thought Clover.

She smiled as a familiar face drifted in her mind. Alex was more than a gentleman than she thought he was.

‘Gah! Why am I thinking bout him? I should be thinking of my soft warm bed waiting for me at home’.
‘Soft warm bed?’
‘Yea, hopefully I can still feel his heat and his perfume smell is still there’.

‘Hey? Who said that?’ said Clover turning towards that voice. It was a familiar voice. Where had she heard it before? It couldn’t be, could it? The voice was nostalgic to her ears. It rang like a symphony of gathered memories playing together pieces that were lost before.

‘Yo!’ said a shadow walking towards her.

‘Still talking to yourself eh? I guess you haven’t changed a bit,’ said the shadow again. The street light hit his face and for a moment Clover felt her heart skipped a beat.

‘Bryan?’ whispered Clover.

‘Hey lucky charm, miss me?’ said Bryan with a cheeky smile. Clover just stood there unable to move at all. Her mouth hanged open in astonishment and disbelieve.

‘Haha! That is still the funniest thing I have ever seen and will ever see!’ laughed Bryan. He placed his right palm on her head and poke at her nose with the index finger of his left hand.

‘Surprised?’ asked Bryan. Clover still couldn’t speak.

‘It’s a yes then,’ said Bryan brightly. ‘Come on lets go home,’ said Bryan again after finally knowing that it was useless to try to talk to Clover that night.
He put his arms over her shoulders and pushed her forwards back to the way she was going.

Why is he here? Did her mother called him to check up on her? Clover looked up at Bryan. He still looks the same as she remembered him except his hair was longer now. His face was what she missed the most. His brown eyes that always looked surprised, his long nose and pink lips than are so kissable, all supported by a big square jaw. To Clover this was what she found attractive since this was the first face of the first boy she ever got closed to.

Memories swarm her mind as they walked back to her apartment, causing her to wrinkle her forehead. She was trying to hold back the tears that were coming. It came rushing down her face as she covers her face from Bryan. Her legs became weak instantly and she fell to the ground on her knees.

‘Hey! What’s wrong? You’re crying!’ said Bryan surprised.

‘I like you.. I love you,’ said Clover stuttering to keep her voice steady.

‘Yea, ok,’ said Bryan in a soft voice. It was too dark to make out his face expression.

‘Come on. Stop crying now,’ said Bryan sympathetically. He reached for her right arm and pulled her to her feet. Clover looked at Bryan for a moment and broke down again.

‘Hey you’re Clover right? The indestructible Clover Floral who injured every single guy who came at you with a baseball bat right?’ said Bryan with a tone as though he was talking to little kid.

‘You were the only one I let my guard down for. Why did you leave me that night? I tried calling you but you never returned my calls. Why did you leave?’ said Clover still shaking to keep her voice steady.

Bryan looked away but it was still to dark to make out his expression.

‘I tried to bury everything. Everything we ever shared or had. I tried to bury them yet… yet…’ Clover continued now shaking really hard and trying to choke back her tears.

‘It wasn’t planned. You know I had feelings for you but I just… I can’t give you what you want,’ said Bryan finally, still looking away. He couldn’t face Clover, not after what he put her through for the last few months.

‘I’m sorry Clover,’ said Bryan again. He searched for a tissue and found one after going through all his pockets. He pulled Clover’s chin up and wiped her cheeks.

‘I want to always be there for you but I can’t do it as your boyfriend,’ said Bryan now looking at Clover.

‘You kissed me. You took my first kiss. If you never wanted me to think any further then why did you do that?’ asked Clover croakily.

‘I’m sorry. It won’t say I didn’t want to but it was a mistake because I caused you so much trouble after that. I felt so guilty till I couldn’t even face you,’ answered Bryan gravely. He turned his back to Clover and gestured her to jump to his back.

‘I’ll carry you home. Hop on me,’ said Bryan a little cheerfully. Clover obeyed and they went home without saying a word to each other.

‘Hey Clover! Yoo hoo!’ screamed Lily.

‘How many times to do you want me to call you to shut up?’ said Clover grumpily.

‘Who is that hottie sleeping in the living room? Is he your friend? Does he have a girlfriend? Hehe…’ said Lily cheekily. Clover felt a sharp pain in her chest, got up suddenly and accidentally bum Lily.

‘Owh sorry bout that,’ said Clover angrily.
Lily looked at Clover for a moment and asked irritably, ‘what’s your problem? If you wanted him for yourself you should have just said that.

‘it’s not that..’ replied Clover quickly but before she could answer Bryan came into the room sleepily.

‘Who’s making so much noise so early?’ asked Bryan with a sleepy voice.
Lily laughed and said, ‘so sorry. Our little Clover here has problem waking up all the time’. Clover looked as though she could have killed Lily with a single punch.

‘Anyways, why don’t you take a bath and I’ll cook for us breakfast? Sounds good?’ Lily said after a long pause. She walked happily out from the room.

‘She’s your housemate eh? She’s hot!’ said Bryan still with a sleepy voice.

‘Then why don’t you kiss her and make her fall in love with you?’ replied Clover, getting more and more irritated by the minute.

Bryan was shocked for a moment and laughed, squinting his eyes into slits. Clover looked at Bryan as he continued laughing. He looks so attractive and cute at the same time that it was impossible for her to tear her eyes away from him. She felt her cheeks burn and quickly turn away to make her bed.

‘So what do you plan to do later? Why are you here anyways? Don’t say you just came here only to apologize to me,’ asked Clover.

‘Still with the many questions in one go? You never change no matter where you go,’ answered Bryan with a smile.

‘I wanted to surprise you at your apartment actually but it was luck that I bumped into you last night. Besides do you happen to know if there’s an available room in this building?’ continued Bryan, looking around Clover’s room.

‘what do you mean? You’re planning to hang around?’ asked Clover slowly as though she was waiting for an answer that could change her life.

‘Yup! Of course! Since I’m going to the same college as you!’ answered Bryan happily. Words just wouldn’t come out from Clovers mouth so she just left her mouth hanging. Bryan laughed, this time louder than before.

‘I knew you would make that face! I wish I had my camera with me!’ laughed Bryan.

‘Did I hear wrong? You are going to the same college as us?’ asked Lily cheerily, holding a spatula in one hand. Bryan nod vigorously to Lily.

‘That’s great!’ said Lily with a wide smile.

Clover felt her heart throb uncomfortably. She stood there looking from Bryan to Lily then to Bryan again. She felt tears forming in her eyes as she sees Lily flirting so openly to Bryan and Bryan sharing that happy smile with Lily. It was so painful to watch that she felt like jumping out of her bedroom window.

‘Let’s go have breakfast!’ said Lily after noticing Clover standing there like a statue looking at the floor.

Walking to college never felt like a drag to Clover. It felt like the pathway just won’t come to a halt at the college’s front gate. Hearing distant laughter from both Lily and Bryan was heaving her depressed heart. She looked behind and saw Lily holding on to Bryan. She felt sick and quickly turned to the front again.

‘How long can I choke back these tears?’ Clover thought to herself but more and more difficult questions came popping in her mind. Why is he here? Who sent him? And how did he find out that she was here?

Finally they reached the college gate. ‘Whoa? This is great! The college is huge!’ said Bryan awed.

‘Well what do you expect from the country’s most prestigious college? This is after all Greenvulle College,’ answered Lily happily.

‘This is freaking cool you guys!’ said Bryan while putting one hand on Lily’s and Clover’s shoulders. The two girls looked at each other, Lily was really happy.

Clover shook off Bryan’s hand and said ‘I’ll meet you in class Lily. Take care Bryan,’. Bryan looked at Lily then at Clover then smiled and nodded at Clover.

Clover felt a sharp pain in her chest, turned and left both of them. Her walked became faster and faster and then broke into a run. At that moment she just wanted to disappear from the world. She still loves Bryan even after two years they were apart. Her feelings for him never changed or swayed a bit.

‘Ouch! Hey watch where..’

Clover fell back to the ground and looked up but it was too bright to see who it was under the sun.

‘Well well, if it isn’t my lucky Clover,’ said a sinister like voice. It was Alex and walking towards them were Adrian, with his usual smile, and Jimmy, who was still as good looking as ever.

Alex squatted down to face her. Her heart thumped heavily as his clear brown eyes stared into her. She felt her face turning red and looked away, pulling herself back up to her feet.

Alex followed suit and asked ‘where’s the good looking one?’.

Images of Lily and Bryan flashed through her mind instantly at those words. She couldn’t hold it back in anymore. She had to get away.

‘Look there they are! Hey who’s that guy next to her? Is he her new boyfriend? Look she’s holding on to his hand,’ said Jimmy, shocked and pointing at a direction.

They looked at that direction and true enough, it was Lily and Bryan walking, talking and laughing like lovers on Valentine’s Day. It was too much for Clover to take it all in. she ran the opposite direction and continued without looking back.

‘Clover?’, asked Alex, stunt for a moment.

‘Hey Clover wait!’, called Alex running after Clover.

At every step images of Clover and Bryan back then flashed in her mind. All the memories that she held so dearly to her heart. All destroyed and replaced by Bryan’s and Lily’s laughter.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

chapter 3

What’s that in his hands?

Looks like a red rose blending against the environment. He puts it against his lips as though giving it a gentle kiss. He turns around and smiles at her. The rose he’s holding diminishes as the wind blows harder. Petals fell and flew to the pattern of the wind. He looks the same as he did before. His eyes are still bright as they were before. His smile curves the way it used to when he looks at her. So why does it feel different somehow?

Clover opens her eyes and her environment looks blurry for a moment. As her vision comes to, she turns to get out of the bed.

‘Argh!!!! What are you still doing here?’ Clover screams as she hits Alex on stomach over and over again.

‘Wha…?’ replies a sleepy Alex. ‘What? Who? Is there a fire?’ he continues in a panic.

‘Oh my god! I’m late! What time is it?’ Clover asked and kicked him off the bed.

‘Hey hey! How many bruises do you intend to give me in one day?’ said Alex getting up from the wooden floor.

‘Besides, how do you know you are late anyways?’ Alex continued while stretching. After he notices there is not a reply, he quickly turns around and made a quick scan around the room.

‘Clover? where are you?’ said Alex after realizing he was alone in the room.

He heard a sudden rush of water from the room next door. He sighed to himself and walked out to the living room. It was already dark so he searched the walls for a switch. Finally he found one and switched it on. The whole living room brighten at once. He opened the curtains and found that it led to a balcony. The view was so serene, overlooking the dark undergrowth of a forest beyond. He looked up and all he could see was the dark void called the night sky. ‘Hmm… I guess I slept more than I expected,’ said Alex under his breathe. Even so he felt so happy. It was something he missed so much since the last time he saw his mother.

‘Guess I’ll make dinner before she leaves,’ said Alex after looking the clock on the wall. It was barely pass 7:30 p.m.

When Clover came out from the shower, she could smell something sizzling from outside the room. She put on a casual set of clothes and packed her uniform in a small bagpack. She looked at the bed where they both slept in and smiled for a moment. She walked towards the bed and put her face close to the side of the pillow where Alex’s head originally was. It smelled of an unknown perfume but it was addictive.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Alex seeing Clover burying her head in the pillow.

‘Uh… nothing!’ replied Clover with a slight blush.

‘You’re going to work so why don’t you put some make up on?’ asked Alex again.

‘Make up is expensive and besides, my skin is not that flawed to cover anything up, so….,’ answered Clover.

Alex grinned and gestured her to come out from her room. Clover walked out to the living room and then into the kitchen. She was surprised by the dinner made by Alex. He cooked a few slices of beef and bacon. ‘Sorry, that was all I could find in your fridge. I’ll cook something else the next time I come alright?’ said Alex with a smile. Clover was speechless and felt her eyes water. She was touched beyond words.

Alex smiled at her reaction and reached for a fork and knife. He fed Clover the first piece and continued to cut the beef into smaller slices.

‘Why don’t you follow Lily shopping and buy some make up sometime?’ said Alex, slicing another piece and putting it into his mouth.

Clover did not answer his question. She continued chewing the piece of beef in her mouth. She looked as though she was spaced out. After noticing Alex was looking at her, she said ‘it’s cause I can’t afford such things’.

Alex fed her the second piece, still not saying anything.

‘How did you find my house? How did you know my name? I mean I’m nobody afterall,’ Clover said after a while.

‘You forget I am Alex Zoru?,’ answered Alex with a smile. He put the second piece into his mouth. ‘You should get furniture, then we won’t be standing by the counter eating right now. You don’t even have a normal dining table or chairs,’ said Alex.

Clover opened her mouth to receive the third piece. ‘I eat in my room most of the time and Lily is never at home with so many guys asking her out almost every night,’ replied Clover. She never was asked out by anyone before. She was never the type boys liked anyways, what with her muscled body and violent habit.

‘You know, as long as you stop throwing punches at people maybe you might get a date,’ said Alex feeding the fourth piece to Clover.

Clover laughed half heartedly. She never let just any boy near her. Her thoughts flowed to the boy in her dreams. He was the only one whom she hugged so tightly before.

‘Hey, come on, smile, don’t give me that look,’ said Alex surprised at her sudden change of expression.

‘You are the second boy who got so close to me in my life,’ said Clover in a low voice. ‘It’s not like I like getting so close to boys anyways,’ Clover continued.

‘Now you are seriously scaring me, what happen? You sound as though something bad happened before,’ said Alex obviously concerned.

‘If it makes you feel better, you are the only girl I got so close to in my life,’ Alex continued, now a little disturbed.

Clover let out a sudden laugh and made Alex jumped. ‘Seriously???? But you are so rich! Bet you even had sex before!’ laughed Clover.

Alex’s face turned red and said ‘shut up! I never had sex before k! Hey stop laughing at me!’ shouted Alex, his face red in embarrassment.

‘Seriously you never had sex before?’ said Clover after she recovered. She received another piece of beef from Alex.

‘I will only do it with someone I like. Do I look like a horny bastard to you?’ replied Alex. ‘Hey wait don’t answer that!’ Alex said quickly again.

Clover sniggered. ‘You’re cute. You should always smile so you’ll stay cute,’ said Alex with a smile.

Clover looked at Alex doubting what she just heard. Why does that smile have such an effect? The face that was always cold and aloof could melt away everything else with that warm smile. They finished up the remaining beef and walked out to the living room. They both put on their shoes and Clover unlocked the front door.

‘Err… thanks for dinner and please inform me before you ever show up ok?’ said Clover with her back turned to Alex while locking the front door again.

‘Ok sure, give me your number please,’ replied Alex.

‘Uh.. sorry I don’t have a phone,’ said Clover unwillingly.

Alex groaned, ‘so how do you expect me to inform you? Letter a day before I show up?’.

Clover chose not to answer but then turned to face Alex and said with a smile, ‘I thought you are Alex Zoru, so you figure it out then’.

‘Do you enjoy making fun of me all the time?’ asked Alex a bit taken aback. Clover laughed all the way to the elevator.

At the bottom of Clover’s apartment building, they parted ways. Clover headed to her work place and Alex headed home.

‘Hey Clover! don’t get raped on your way k!’ shouted Alex to Clover.

‘Shut up idiot!’ Clover screamed back.

‘You still haven’t get me back for that kiss yet!,’ said Alex amused. Clover held up her right hand and showed a peace sign. Alex smiled widely, turned and continued his journey back.

‘Welcome back young master,’ said a servant humbly.

‘Thanks, come to my room later and bring dinner too,’ said Alex.

The servant bowed and walked to the closet with Alex’s jacket. Alex walked up to his room and opened the door.

‘Hey bitch!’ shouted Adrian, throwing a pillow at Alex. Jimmy laughed and threw another pillow at Alex.

‘What are you? Five?’ asked Alex irritated.

‘Owh the young master is angry. What should we do?’ mocked Adrian.

‘Let’s give him a teddy bear made of gold,’ said Jimmy sarcastically.

‘Haha very funny,’ said Alex. ‘So what are you guys doing here?’ Alex continued.

‘We tried to reach you but we can’t get through so here we are,’ replied Adrian.

‘Yea you couldn’t get any better friends so you better treat us to something expensive,’ said Jimmy in a matter of fact voice.

Alex sat at his study table and started a list on a piece of paper.

‘Hey what are you doing?’ asked Jimmy.

‘Don’t worry your pretty little face on it, it does not concern you or even you,’ replied Alex quickly when Adrian opened his mouth to say something.

Someone knocked the door and entered.

‘Young master, here’s your dinner,’ said the servant, holding a tray.

‘Owh! Dinner! I’m starving!’ exclaimed Adrian. He jumped from the chair he was sitting before and walked over to the servant to receive the tray.

‘Here’s a list of things I want you to get by tomorrow, thank you,’ said Alex to the servant, handing out the paper he was writing on before.

‘Yes young master,’ said the servant. She closed the door as she walked out of the room.

‘I didn’t know you were into shopping before,’ said Adrian curiously.

‘Nah it’s nothing really. Just furniture and other stuff I need,’ replied Alex. ‘so what brings you guys here?’ asked Alex.

Jimmy and Adrian looked at each other. Adrian asked with a serious voice, ‘were you serious when you said you wanted out?’.

‘Uh yea?’ replied Alex with a slight laugh.

‘Why?’ asked Jimmy simply.

‘Cause I will win for sure and I don’t think that’s really fair since my interest has diverted. Actually I wasn’t even interested in the original target in the first place,’ answered Alex.

‘What are you talking about? The tall girl is a babe!’ said Adrian.

‘Her name is Lily Bander and she lives at the apartment over looking the forest about 100 meters from our college,’ said Alex as he spread his body on his huge bed.

‘What the heck? How the hell you know that?’ asked a shocked but impressed Adrian. Alex chuckled mischievously.

‘That’s for me to know and for you guys to never find out! Like ever!’ laughed Alex. ‘So do you guys still want me to play?’ asked Alex.

‘Hmm well it’s not fun since you already kinda win. Maybe we should switch target to that friend of hers,’ replied Jimmy.

‘Who? That Clover chick? I heard she has some kind of unspoken past since people seems to keep saying she’s hiding something,’ said Adrian.

‘How did you know her name?’ asked Alex surprised.

‘Actually she’s much more popular than Lily cause of her notorious gang bashing days back when she was still in high school but they say it’s more than that. Something interesting happened between her and her mom that caused her to move out permanently. I heard she’s just using college as an excuse to hide her past,’ Adrian continued.

Alex kept silent then said, ‘well she isn’t our concern and don’t call her a chick’.

Jimmy laughed and said ‘Aww.. you care for her. But yea just as Adrian says she’s one interesting one. In fact I think we should try to get her number instead of that pretty flower’.

Alex grinned with a dark look in his eyes. He suddenly felt troubled by what he just heard and it was funny that Clover did not have a phone yet but Jimmy and Adrian did not know that.

‘It should stay that way,’ Alex thought. He looked at his two friends and thought, ‘they must not know anything bout her’. Without another word, Jimmy and Adrian ate the dinner that was supposed to be Alex’s.

What is this feeling frustration that is stirring in his head and slowly flowing through his entire body? Is it jealousy? Yea he thinks it is jealousy. They must never know more than what they know now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

chapter 2

Footsteps echoed as she keeps on walking up this tunnel. Where is she? Reaching the top, she came to a meadow of tall grass but she wasn’t alone. There was someone else there. Who could it be? His back was facing her but those shoulders are familiar. Where have she seen those shoulders before? His left hand raise and she could see he was holding a single rose. Slowly, he turned around.

‘Oi! How many times do you expect me to wake you up in a day?’

‘What?? Didn’t I tell you to shut up before?’

‘What’s the big emergency? Why did you wake me up again? We don’t have any class for the day right?’ said an annoyed Clover. She was so close to seeing his face that she’s pissed at this point.

‘Yea we don’t have anymore class for the day. So how do I look? I have a date later. Does this lipstick look okay?’ asked Lily. Clover almost wanted to strangle her. If only she wasn’t so far away, she would have.

‘Hmm.. you look fine I guess. Is he coming up to get you or are you going down?’ asked Clover.

‘well he is the guy and we only live on the third floor so he should come and greet me right?’ answered Lily.
'yes ok. Then please lock up after you leave, alright?’ said Clover.

Five minutes later the door bell rang.

‘Ok he is here. I going now k? Make sure you eat later and don’t open doors to strangers,’ said Lily with a chuckle.

‘Do I look like I’m five to you?’ asked an irritated Clover.

Lily responded with a laugh. She walked out to the front door and open it. A few seconds later she came back into the room and said ‘erm there’s someone else besides my date at the door’.

Clover got up and went out to the living room with Lily and to her astonishment it was Alex.

‘What the hell are you doing here? How did you find my house? Who brought you here? Why are you even here?’ shouted Clover, each question louder than the one before. ‘and besides, isn’t the girl you were looking for is Lily?’ asked Clover this time with a calm voice.

Alex smiled and for a moment Clover was taken aback for the smile was warm and sincere unlike the usual dark and cold smile he displays in public.

‘You like to ask a lot for a girl who has bed hair,’ replied Alex coolly with his usual poker face. ‘Yes I was looking for her before but now I’m here for you,’ Alex continued. ‘I’m sorry for barging in and making you late for your date,’ said Alex finally noticing Lily and her date.

‘Now if you’ll excuse us,’ Alex continued while giving Lily a gentle push to the door. After she was out, he shut the door at the shocked face. ‘Now where were we then?’ said Alex smiling facing Clover.

‘Look I’m really tired alright? I work till 2 in the morning yesterday and I still have to work later so can you like disappear or something?’ said Clover. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her body to the side, emitting a loud crack.

‘Okay then you go sleep and I’ll prepare dinner for you before you go to work. How bout that?’ said Alex clearly stating that he isn’t leaving her house. Clover wanted to say something but stopped after Alex folded his arms with a stubborn look on his face.

‘Do whatever you want then,’ replied Clover with a yawn. ‘Just don’t steal anything,’ she continued.

‘As if you have anything worth stealing here in the first place!’ laughed Alex.

‘Whatever alright! I’m sorry but I’m just too tired and grumpy to deal with you right now! You know where’s the door so why don’t you just leave??’ replied Clover who was now filled with rage. She only managed to sleep for four hours that day after getting interrupted by Lily since morning.

‘I’m not going anywhere,’ said Alex and he took a seat on the living room couch. ‘I bet you like it when I said I was here looking for you instead of your attractive friend,’ Alex continued after observing the living room.

It was a small simple room with nothing but a big and comfortable couch and a television in front of it. Shoes were thrown messily beside entrance door. There was a walkway leading to the kitchen on the right and another walkway leading to two rooms on the left.

‘So am I wrong?’ Alex asked again after his eyes finish scanning the living room. Clover looked hard at him and then turned to leave the living room.

‘Hey! Hold on a second!’ Alex got up at once and walked quickly towards Clover. He grabbed her left hand firmly and pulled her around to face him.

Clover struggled furiously which forced Alex to pin her against the wall.

‘You are not that strong but you do have agility and you are experienced enough to hit vital points,’ said Alex after Clover stop struggling.

He was so close to her face that she has no choice but to look at him. She could see his thick eyebrows, his almond shaped brown eyes, his tall nose and small but full lips. His dark locks fell messily on the left side on his face which gave him an emo look. He was much more attractive than she thought but overall she coouldn't help tearing away from his eyes.

Those eyes that are dark and cold seemed to hold a sad story behind it. He let go of her and turned away.

‘Don’t look at me that way,’ said Alex.

‘I’m sorry,’ answered Clover. ‘Hey wait a minute! You are the one who are supposed to be sorry here! You pinned me against the wall just now!’ shouted Clover.

‘If you continue to scream at me I’m gonna shut you up my way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!’ shot Alex.

Clover took the chance while he was loosening his grip on her hands and punched him in the face. She ran to her room but before she could lock the door, Alex barged in. Pushing Clover to her bed, he locked the door.

‘Not so tough now that you know that I know your secret eh?’ said Alex with a dark look in his eyes.

‘I’m sorry. I overreacted just then. I just had to get away from your eyes,’ replied Clover.

Alex grinned.

‘Am I really that scary till you had to punch me that hard?’ he asked after a pause, massaging the part where she hit him.

‘No its not that,’ said Clover as she climbed into bed.

‘Your eyes are so sorrowful. I was afraid I might get sucked into it that’s all,’ Clover continued, now adjusting the pillow.

‘It hurts you know. I want a compensation for it,’ said Alex. He gestured his head towards her bed and gave her a smile.

‘Then climb in next to me. I’ll lend you my body heat and a small side of the bed if you don’t mind,’ replied Clover.

Alex climbed into bed next to her and then stared at her.

‘What are you looking at so intensely? Don;t get any strange ideas! I'm just allowing you to lie next to me!,’ said Clover after a few minutes obviously disturbed by his eyes again.

‘You are not as good looking at your friend but you are cute though,’ laughed Alex.

‘Shut up! I’m trying to sleep,’ replied Clover, tightly shutting her eyes. She felt her cheeks burn in embarrassment.

‘I like cute,’ said Alex.

Clover opened her eyes to find herself face to face with Alex.

‘Why are you here? Tell me frankly,’ asked Clover.

‘Well I wanted to see how poor people like you live,’ said Alex quickly. Clover whacked him across the face.

‘Hey hey! Come on it was just a joke! Don’t ruin my face! My mom spent a few thousands for my skin care!’ said Alex with his hands up to cover his face in case of more attacks.

‘You are so rich you can even employ your own poor people. You don’t need to come and torment me you know! Plus your friend Jimmy is ten times much better looking than you!’ shouted Clover.

‘Dude! I’m right next to you! You don’t have to scream into my ear!’ replied Alex, still covering his face in case of sudden attacks.

‘Hey how do you know Jimmy anyways?’ asked Alex after a while.

‘He’s popular for being so good looking, who doesn’t know him and which girl does not want to know him?’ answered Clover.

Alex laughed half heartedly. He turned away from her and asked ‘do you want to know him? I don’t mind introducing him to you if you want,’.

‘Then do you want to know Lily? I don’t mind you coming over using me as an excuse if you want to,’ said Clover.

‘Does that mean you really want to know Jimmy?’ Alex asked slowly.

Clover replied immediately ‘does that mean you really want to come over to meet Lily and use me as an excuse?’.

‘Hey stop repeating everything I say!’ said Alex.

‘I am not! And I don’t want to know Jimmy. Guys like him are players anyways,’ replied Clover.

How long has it been since Clover was in bed with a boy? Not very long ago there was another who likes to sleep next to her. He would whisper soft words to her and make her feel like she was the only one he sees in the world. The feeling of losing was something she doesn’t want to endure again. The feeling of wanting was something she feels every time she goes to bed. This time it was different. There was another of the same sleeping next to her this time. Though it wasn’t the same person but strangely the vibe is the same. She felt safe with his body so close to hers. Instead of her providing him comfort with her body heat, she felt it was the other way round.

‘Hey are you falling asleep?’ asked Alex.

‘No. not when you haven’t answered me yet,’ answered Clover with a small voice.

‘I’m here for you and I will always be here for you. Lily though she’s beautiful, is not my type. I prefer you who has a burning flame from within to warm my heart,’ said Alex while facing the other way.

‘If I weren’t so sleepy I would say that was bullshit but thanks. It felt somewhat so sincere that I’ll believe it for now,’ said Clover with a side smile. She felt her cheeks burn again. 'Could it be that Alex is shy?' she thought in her head.

‘Can I sleep now?’ asked Clover.

‘Only if you let me do something first but I’m not going to tell you what. You just have to agree to it and do as I say,’ replied Alex.

‘Fine. Since I’m so sleepy I’ll get you after I wake up if I don’t like it. But nothing perverted k!’ said Clover.

Alex sat up and looked at Clover. she looks like she’s about to break apart as she’s half asleep. Unlike the tough personality she displayed in public, now she looks as fragile as glass. There lying on white bed sheets, with her brown curls covering half of her face. It was as though she was part of an old oil painting. She fair and red cheeks blend perfectly against her soft features. Though her eyes stores hardship and sorrows, it was surreal that a girl like her even existed and so close to him that he could touch even her. At that moment, it was as though time stopped and he would never want to lose sight of her. Not now, not ever.

‘Close your eyes and don’t move,’ Alex said softly.

Clover looked up at him for a moment and obeyed. He swept her hair from her face and gently placed his lips on hers. After a soft kiss, he pulled away from her.

Clover looked up at him and said ‘yup! I’m going to get you after I wake up. You can count on it,’.

Then she closed her eyes and turned her back to him. Alex grinned and lay next to her. He looked up at the ceiling and saw how empty it is. Her room is blank with no pictures or posters. There was only a bed where they are both sleeping on. All he could see was a small window, a small desk under it and a cupboard beside the door. Everything else was blank and the walls were yellowish white but it doesn’t matter. Her body heat was all he needed. He closed his eyes and fell asleep at the sound of her slow breathing.